Using Car Wash Controllers Increases Business Efficiency and Revenue

by | Jan 4, 2019 | Software Company

In the car wash business, increased efficiency and new product offerings are tried and proven ways to attract new customers and increase revenue. New product offerings include wheel scrubbing, waxing, tire shine, and more. These additional services require an upgrade in tunnel capacity. This is where car wash controllers come in. They manage the traditional car wash functions as well as added features available. Controllers not only control wash and dry equipment, but they also ensure operational efficiency and constantly monitor equipment.

The Functions of Controllers

In the early days of tunnel carwashes, there was no need for anything more than a 16-function controller. Today, rarely would a carwash be constructed with fewer than 72 functions designed to control an array of equipment and added value offerings.

The number of functions depends on the type of carwash. Full-service carwashes employ labor for many of the services they offer. As such, these operations have less control equipment. With high-volume, high-throughput operations, it is very different. There are far less human involvement and far more automated functions.

The objective of any carwash is to produce clean, dry cars repeatedly, and do it at high speed. Modern car wash controllers ensure foam application takes place at the right time, the rinse is thorough, and the vehicle is delivered back to the customer, dried and spot free.


Car wash controllers deliver the wash services the customer wants. Modern controllers do this, but they also do far more. Since the POS system controls which services the controller activates, they must operate in cooperation with one another. Every vehicle that goes through the carwash tunnel automatically adjusts the controller based on the services the customer ordered. When a customer orders a wash, complete with all additional services, the order must be delivered. Complete system integration ensures the customer gets what he or she wants and is happy to come back again and again. Visit the website for more information.