Go Big! The Equipment Your Warehouse Needs

A growing wholesale business means growing orders in size and in quantity as well as handling shipments from vendors that go from boxes to pallets in little time at all. Getting on top of receiving and shipping for your business means making some key investments in warehouse equipment to keep things moving. Pallet handling equipment is an important part of every warehouse operation.

It is especially important if you are shipping by the container load or LTL to have goods secure on the pallet. Proper equipment such as a forklift or electric pallet jack makes sure that your goods arrive undamaged, and that your receiving department can break down and stock incoming items.

Equipment List

It’s important to purchase the best equipment that you can afford and when operating a forklift to make sure that your operator and your equipment meet all California regulations.

  • Forklift: The forklift is the workhorse when it comes to handling pallets whether receiving, stocking, or shipping. Forklifts are available either in full electric models or propane driven, and when purchased used can be significantly less expensive than brand-new equipment.
  • Pallet Stacker: The pallet stacker goes where the forklift won’t fit. Whether it is moving pallets down aisles, stacking them for shipping. While it does take some training, it is not considered to be heavy equipment like the forklift and therefore bypasses most of the issues associated with operating a forklift.
  • Pallet Jack: Pallet jacks are designed to lift and move pallets to prepare them for shipping or stocking. They come in electric or manual models and allow one person to move and manipulate shipments quickly and economically.

Get a Good Dealer

Working with Select Equipment in Southern California ensures that you’re working with a reputable company with only the best in new and used equipment. Whether you’re looking for a forklift, electric pallet jack, or other lifting and moving equipment, partner only with the very best. Take a realistic assessment of your needs at present and leave room to expand your operation in the future.

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