What Are Operating Systems?

An operating system is a computer program that is specially designed for running different programs on a computer. Operating systems are extremely essential because they make your computer run. They are regarded as the backbone of computers and manage both hardware and software resources.

Operating systems are crucial as they are responsible for everything from controlling and allocating memory to identifying the inputs from external devices. They are also responsible for transmitting the output onto computer displays. Moreover, operating systems also manage files stored on your computer hard drives and control peripherals, such as scanners and printers.

Importance of Operating Systems

When it comes to larger computer systems, their operating system is responsible for doing even more work. Such operating systems generally monitor different users and programs to ensure everything runs smoothly without any interference, when many programs and devices are used at the same time. Operating systems also plays a crucial role in security. It greatly helps in preventing unauthorized users from accessing your computer system.

Different Types of Operating Systems

There are different types of operating systems including:

  • Multiprocessing
  • Multiuser
  • Multitasking
  • Real-time
  • Multithreading

The multiprocessing operating system can make a program run on more than one computer at a time. This can be a useful feature in some environments like schools, offices etc. Multiuser operating systems allow many users to run programs at the same time.

Multitasking operating systems work quite differently. They enable users to run more than one program simultaneously. On the other hand, multithreading operating systems work in a completely different way. They allow different parts of a program to be used at the same time.

Real-time operating systems are specially designed in a way to enable computers to process and offer instant response to the given input. They are typically used when computers need to respond to the reliable input of data without any delay.

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