What To Expect From A Top Revit Training Program

Autodesk Revit is a specialized program used in the construction, engineering and architectural fields. It allows the creation of 3D models and literally brings projects to life through Building Information Modeling or BIM software. Taking a Revit training program is a must for many people to boost their skills and master the tools used in the software program.

Levels of Training to Consider

For those with some experience with the software, starting with an intermediate level Revit training program will be the best option. This would include an individual with a solid background in the program who may be looking for ways to increase workflow, to increase their knowledge of all the options the software provides, and to also learn detailed applications for the different tools.

Sometimes individuals with CAD training may wish to complete a Revit training program to enhance their work options or to move into more specialized BIM projects. For these individuals starting with a 3D foundation type of program is highly recommended. This allows the student to have the basics of BIM and how it is used in the Revit program. It will also provide the real-world practical information and the theoretical base to be able to work on projects in the intermediate level of Revit training program.

Production Based or Theoretical with Exercises?

There are two basic approaches to any Revit training program offered through in-person or online training. The vast majority of training programs focus in on learning the specific tools and options offered with Revit through academic types of training. Theory is reinforced with specific exercises to develop a particular skill.

The other option in a Revit training program is one based on productivity or learning by doing. In these training programs self-study materials, live instructor led trainings online as well as online videos are used to support the learner in working through a real world project.

This type of Revit training program is not based on learning specific skills, but rather in learning how to complete a project. Since this is what the learner will be doing in the real world, it is highly effective not only in learning the discrete tools and functions of the project but in seeing how they fit together in a complete project.

The top Revit training program will also provide learners with a variety of projects such as modeling of a single residential building to designing a commercial building and then an entire urban site.

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