NCOA Link Service is Available from Other Companies than the USPS

You can always go to the United State Postal Service office and ask for a newly updated list of change-of-address information, but this can be time-consuming. The USPS gets change of address information almost every day of the year, so you would constantly need to use their services. This information is called the National Change of Address link service (NCOA Link) and is a secure database of permanent COA records that are available to mailers. However, it is usually best to go through a service provider and software is available to make it easier.

Reasons to Use

The NCOA link service must be used if your business wants to get bulk mail rates and can be a simple process once you get the software. You should use the NCOA link service on your mailing list before sending out any new direct mail to customers and potentials. Whether or not you maintain your database or purchase mailing lists, you should use the software before sending out a mailing because it will minimize the amount of Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) mail sent to the USPS.

How to Use

NCOA Link is a service created by the United States Postal Service and other companies have created software that uses this service, among others. You want to use a licensed product and can then provide accurate or updated information about your businesses, families and individuals.

This service will not only tell you that someone on your list has moved, but will tell you where and whether it is still local or if it is a foreign move. You may still wish to send them something if they have moved to a foreign country, but more than likely, you are using your direct mail to attract them to your location, which isn

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