Get Browser-Based Software System for Administering Pension Benefits

by | Jun 23, 2016 | Technology

As your organization grows, managing benefits for your employees becomes an increasingly time-consuming task. Every company has a unique set of benefits to accompany employee salaries, but most have the same basic core benefits. Scalable, affordable and easy-to-use benefits administration software can help you efficiently manage your employee benefits so your company can concentrate more of its valuable time and efforts on the products and services that it provides. Sagitec Solutions is a global leader in the delivery of custom information technology (IT) solutions to both public and private organizations. Our innovative benefit management platforms and quality customer service team up to provide you with an optimum, dynamic solution for your organization’s employee administration needs.

The most common benefits that organizations provide to their employees are health (including health savings accounts) and life insurance plans, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), and pensions in addition to leave benefits. Leave or time benefits can include medical and family-medical leave, maternity or paternity leave, vacation time,  overtime and bonuses. Managing all of these benefits requires tracking pertinent information about each employee over the course of their employment including personal marital and dependent status as well as their work record. This sensitive information must be handled securely due to privacy laws. At Sagitec Solutions we create innovative benefit management solutions that solve unique business problems as well as issues that may arise due to the tax and regulatory constraints associated with providing these benefits.

Sagitec provides benefit management software to leading public and private organizations that need the efficiency and flexibility that our solutions are known for. Our Neospin™ Pension Administration Software Solution is a browser-based software system specifically designed for managing employee retirement benefits. Fully integrated into your browser and our scalable Sagitec framework, Neospin™ improves the efficiency of your pension Administration and has the flexibility to grow and adapt with your organization. The technical advantages of Neospin™ include the provision of secure customer web portals, intelligent monitoring of workloads and the integration of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) among other useful features.

With the innovative Microsoft-.NET-based Sagitec framework, our benefits Administration software operates seamlessly with our other valuable software Solutions and allows for the evolution and growth of your organization. User-friendly interfaces serve to flatten the learning curve on using our software and our extensive Support Services minimize any potential downtime with preventative and adaptive maintenance options. Contact Sagitec Solutions today to learn more about our Sagitec framework and benefit management software for your growing organization.

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